We understand the fact that celebrities do some sort of crazy things when they are in desperate need of attention from the public, but the question is, must you take it to the extreme even you must do so? These Nigerian celebrities listed below act like they’ve gone nuts these days and we think we’ve had enough of their crazy acts. Here is a list of 6 Nigerian celebrities we don’t try to understand.

1. Afro Candy

We’re not exactly sure what AfroCandy is. Is she a legit p*rnstar or just a lady looking for some media attention? whatever the case, Nigerians do not bother with her any more.

2. Dencia

This half Cameroonian beauty originally started out as a video vixen, she then became a musician churning out songs like ‘supergirl’. Her music took a back seat when she launched her skincare line ‘Whitenicious by Dencia’ which is basically a bleaching product. She has openly promoted bleaching and has even gotten backlash from celebrities like Lupita Nyongo. She however says its good publicity for her product and she’s making a ton of money.

3. Denrele Edun

Denrele is a media personality with very strong quirks. He is known to wear weaves and heels but he took it up a notch a while ago when he started wearing female clothes. There have been speculations of him being gay or being a trans-gender but Denrele is Denrele and he can do whatever he likes.

4. John Okafor (Mr Ibu)

Mr Ibu is a legend, and sometimes we wonder why he takes up the roles that he does. But we’ve come to accept who he is and now he can do no wrong after all he has opened up in an interview that he’s a half/fool and that’s why he enjoy playing those roles.

5. Charlie Boy

Father, Grandfather and son to Late Justice Oputa of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, Charlie Boy is an all round entertainer who stepped away from the norm. With the success of ‘The Charlie Boy Show’ in the 90’s he has remained a household name throughout Nigeria. We have gotten used to his eccentric mode of dressing/lifestyle and I don’t think anything he does can surprise us.

6. Cossy Ojiakor

Cossy was a video vixen before it even became a thing. Dancing topless in videos for Obesere and Pasuma. She’s known for showing off her massive boobs which she says are 100% real.


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