Watch the hilarious moment BankyW first saw Ebuka's internet-shattering Agbada at his wedding (videos)Apparently, Banky W had an idea that his close friend, Ebuka’s Agbada would make news.
On the eve of their traditional wedding, Banky mentioned to Ebuka that hope he would not be coming to the wedding with the stylish Agbada as he will be turned back.
Banky had asked Ebuka if hiss Agbada was finer than his, Ebuka replied ”it might be”
On the day of the wedding when Ebuka stepped out in the Agbada, Banky jokingly told him to leave the venue.
Watch the moment BankyW saw the Agbada Ebuka wore that almost stole his shine at his own wedding last year. Lol!

Watch Banky ask Ebuka about his Agbada on the eve of his wedding


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