A former BBNaija housemate, Alex, has stated that she has no problem with Nina or any former housemate of the reality show.
When Alex decorated her hands with henna, a fan accused her of copying Nina’s henna, which she didn’t take lightly. Alex then slammed the follower, saying, “First of all, it’s not a tattoo. Second of all, it wasn’t made for anybody in particular as many people have done it before and will still do it…You will tell me when Nina invented henna.”
A few minutes later, Nina wrote on Instagram;
“Some people are mentioning her on their pages. Please positive vibes only and don’t mention me in your negativity.”
However, in a chat with Sunday Scoop, Alex said;

There is no issue between me and any housemate. If anyone has something against me, I don’t know about it. What happened between me and Nina during the week was a misunderstanding and bloggers blew it up. I was talking for myself and she was also having a discussion with Khloe. Somehow, we posted at the same time and bloggers connected it wrongly. Apart from this recent issue, I don’t have problems with anyone. If I do, like I said earlier, I am not aware of it.”
She also explained that she had to draw henna on her hands for an Indian photo shoot. She said;
“At some point, I planned to have tattoos once I got married. But yesterday (Thursday), when I was on a tour to Benin and I visited a place where they were making tattoos, fear gripped me. Right now, I am still battling with the fear and I don’t know if I still want to have tattoos.”
On the state of her relationship with Tobi, she said;
“We were friends yesterday, we are friends today and we will be friends forever. As for the bedroom picture of Tobi and I that went viral recently, it is the business of the people who decided to cause problems with it. That happened in the past and I have moved on.”


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