Bobrisky shows off his bare butt to prove he doesn't wear butt pads (photos)Controversial bleaching expert, Bobrisky has taken to his social media page to show off his bare butt in a bid to prove to his fans likewise haters, he doesn’t wear butt pads.
He showed his massive butt during a spa session. He has since deleted the photos. According to him, someone’s husband paid for his spa session.
See more photos below;

Bobrisky had before now, bragged about getting a butt surgery. This came during his last trip to the United States few months ago. Bobrisky disclosed on SnapChat, that he is scared of going on with the procedure, despite paying half of the money.
He wrote: “You can imagine adding little more flest in that ass.. chai accident go just happen
“Going for this (butt implant) soon. I’m so scared and I don deposited half of the money oo.”


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