In another episode of whether Nigerian police unit, SARS should be ended or reformed, the Inspector General of the Nigerian Police, Ibrahim Idris Kpotum has chosen the latter as according to him, the unit are doing a wonderful job.
Contrary to what a handful of SARS operatives victim will say, the IGP has said in a recent interview that the Special Anti-Robbery Squad are doing a wonderful job and is quite shocked why Nigerians would want an end to them.

The IGP was asked recently what plans he has taken to reconstruct the unit as Nigerians are clamouring for its end and in response, he was jaw dropped before he went on to say facilities are being put in place to make sure the operatives work better.
He even tackled netizens as he dubs social media as a tool for those who are criminally minded.
He basically said,
You see, you have to be careful about this ‘clamouring’…
you know I remember Social media is a technology available to those that are criminally minded and we have to be careful to the way we respond to some of these ‘clamouring’ that you’re saying..
SARS is a unit of the police that I believe is to be sustained but what we’re doing is ensure that they’re properly trained and that is why we’re providing facilities for them to make work easier for them.

Watch him speak,


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