In a rather bizarre version of events, a suspected thief got severely beaten after he was caught stealing bibles at a store in Anambra state on Wednesday.
The owners of the bible store nabbed him and severely dealt with him before taking photos of him with the stolen bibles.
Everyone has been left to wonder why the young man would steal the Holy Books – he just might have done the criminal act so as to sell the books and all but the amusement of many is how this christian vendors didn’t portray the act of Christ while taking action on the criminal.
stealing bibles
Imagine, “what would Jesus do?” will he gather his 12 disciples and beat up this gentleman for stealing the Holy word that’ll be sold for the propagation of the gospel at the end of the day? or he’d rather not condemn him and ask that he go and not continue in his sins…

The question comes to mind because the people who dealt with him are supposedly Christians and as Christians, one ought not to condemn his fellow brother over his sins but rather help him in the right path of restitution and make his ways right with God.
Or what do you think brethren? #AdjustsClericalCollar


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