Actress Stella Damasus gives brief lecture on how she got and kept Daniel AdeminokanNollywood actress Stella Damasus is enjoying her marriage to filmmaker Daniel Ademinokan and she wants others to enjoying theirs too.
The actress whose marriage to the film maker faced turbulence and backlash is still with Daniel after many years.

According to the actress, marriage is like a pot of plant that needs to be pampered and watered for growth and replenishment.
Stella reiterates that keeping a marriage and spouse requires maintenance and care. The actress who was married twice before her marriage to Daniel has said on many occasions that Daniel is the love of her life!
“Date your spouse again, befriend your spouse again, make time for special moments” she advised in the post.
:Marriage is like having a potted plant in your home. If you don’t water it and let it receive sunlight it will ….. It requires maintenance and care.
Date your spouse again, befriend your spouse again and MAKE TIME for special moments. I don’t know who this message is for but hang in there. #family #stelladamasus #nyc:


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