Popular Nollywood Actress, Adesua Etomi, has for the first time, revealed why she agreed to marry popular singer, Bankole Wellington, aka BankyW.
According to her, Banky’s first message to her made her laugh which guaranteed they were going to get along. She noted;
“If you can make me laugh, I can almost guarantee that we are going to get along and his first message made me laugh. I wasn’t planning on getting married to anyone in the industry. And here comes this one (Banky), and he completely shattered all my plans. But when he proposed to me, it was yes. It was an instant yes. I didn’t even think twice about it.”

On why she settled to stage her traditional wedding in Lagos and not in Benin City as tradition demands, Adesua said;
“All my family members are based in Lagos.” During the documentary, the pair also revealed that they have been neck-deep in a relationship since 2015 and succeeded in keeping it under wraps”