"Get your PVC. Come 2019, no old ass gon rule us anymore" - Nigerian soldier laments the state of the Nation in viral videoA Nigerian soldier, who is tired of the situation in the country, has advised Nigerians to go and get their PVCs to ensure that the nation will be ‘ruled by a better leader come 2019’.
In a video shared online, the young Nigerian soldier is seen lamenting the current state of the country, while encouraging the youths to get their Permanent Voter’s Card to vote in a better leader.
Below is a transcript of what he said:
I know I’m not supposed to be talking about this but let the truth be told.
Y’all need to go get your PVC.
Yes, sometimes, it’s not about how you vote, it’s about what they want. Yes, we know that.
We all might vote for someone else and whoever this old ass wants to make the president, or whoever gon rule us, they’ll still make their decision because it’s a corrupt system . It’s way more corrupt than you can ever imagine, that this country will need oxygen to breathe again.
We need a new life. We need everything brand new. And trust me, it’s high time we agreed to what Charley Boy said; ‘our mumu don do’.
Get your PVC and let’s do this. Come 2019, no old ass gon rule us anymore.
Take it or you leave it. It’s time for a better change, and not the change we are experiencing now.
Nigeria, yes, we can. Go get your PVC.
Watch the video below;


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