"I can walk and SLAY like never before."- Pretty lady thanks God after recovering from an accident (Photos)An Instagram slay queen who goes by the name “Tammyony” on the platform, has giving thanks to God for not allowing a ghastly accident hinder her from slaying for the camera.

She wrote;
“On this day 2017, God saved my life and gave me second chance to live and to fulfil my purpose on earth. Sometimes I look at the car I survived in with just femur fracture and I look at myself(bloody sinner) I’d be like what have I done to deserve this much love and endless mercy from GOD.

Hmmmm is it the unexplainable and unbearable pains before and after my surgery that my faithful GOD saw me through or been abandoned by friends and loved ones will I talk about? They all thought I would never walk normal again.

To GOD be the glory I can walk and SLAY like never before. GOD I owe you my life and my praises. He/She without GOD has nothing truly. If you have GOD trust me you have EVERYTHING.”


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