Image result for Rev. Yomi Kasali slams Rev. Funke Adejumo over her frequent requests for seeds from church membersReverend Kasali has come for popular female pastor, Pastor Adejumo over her constant request for $1,000 seeds from her church members.
The clergywoman has been under fire on social media in recent times after videos of her asking church members to give as much as $1000 as seeds for different reasons, surfaced online.
In one video, she is seen asking 20 of her members to sow a seed of $1000 (N360,000) each. “I want 20 people to sow a seed of $1000 dollars each,” she says before promising “another level of clean money and surprise wealth.”
While preaching in his church recently, Reverend Kasali reacted to Adejumo’s videos. He said she was fleecing members of their money and that judgement is coming on her very soon.

He said;
“Christians no longer have consciences. Preachers have dead consciences. I watched a video of a preacher fleecing members, asking for $1000 and I said does this woman have a conscience? You know you are lying.
“The bible says speaking lies in hypocrisy have their consciences seared. She knows what I am saying is right. If she has an ear, let her hear, Judgement is coming on her very soon. How can you be lying to members in the name of God. We have preachers that are lying daily on the pulpit just to take your money, they come to you and say God told me to tell you to sow a seed… Which seed?! Which seed are you sowing? where is it in the Bible? I have searched my Bible, you cannot be a Christian without a good conscience. The moment you put away your conscience, you’re gone yourself”
Watch the video below:
Rev. Yomi Kasali was the ONLY pastor who reached out to me in the heat of the crises borne out of the tithe debate. We had lunch and discussed, he was very warm and civil, despite disagreeing with me on some doctrinal issues. He is indeed a gentleman. - I appreciate him today, for speaking where other GOs have remained silent, colluding and abetting with their silence. I pray that the judgement of God comes upon her and upon every one who supported her by standing with her, and upon those who encouraged her by remaining silent, very soon~FRZ - #Repost @yomi_kasali with @get_repost ・・・ In today's world, we have Christians who have had their conscience seared to the point that the line between good and evil has been blurred. A Christian without a conscience is not a Christian and such person is not under the authority of the Holy Spirit. #conscience #christian #killingofconscience
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