Image result for Photos of a beautiful newborn baby girl abandoned inside a bush to die.A quite beautiful newborn baby was reportedly found abandoned by her mother inside a bush.
As some ladies, upon hearing the news blamed the baby daddy for not being there for his family, Facebook user CC Charger who shared the story with pictures to follow, called such women ‘witches’.
CC Charger is not quite happy with people who feel that the mother of the child did the right thing by abandoning her baby.

CC Charger wrote,
Look at a beautiful abandoned in a bush by her mom. Its so funny how some women are supporting this act by saying that she did the right thing cuss the baby daddy wasn’t there to help take care of the baby.How pathetic . So according to some of you women… its ok for a woman to abandon her baby in a bush if the baby daddy is not there to support her?? Some of u women are really witches.
Photos below,


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