Stop asking me for money, it is beginning to piss me off – Annie IdibiaNollywood actress and mother of two, Annie Idibia has taken her time to pen down a message to her fans on social media, asking them to stop begging her for money.
The actress, who must have been bugged several times by fans begging for money, said she can’t satisfy everyone who begs her for money.

She begs to be considered because she is also a human being with challenges. Annie Idibia however said she can help support anyone of them who has a work or business.
See screenshot below.

In Nigeria, begging has become a norm online. Social media has created a different kind of world, where people appear perfect, content and to be living in abundance.
For those who go by with very little, begging is the way they believe they can measure up in the area of lacking.


  1. Annie! You and your husband are two people I have a lot of respect for and I intend to keep it so! You see,the poor will always remain in your midst like it or not girl! The moment you signed to be a public figure, from that moment on you became a person of the people! It is true that you can not quench the needs of all the uncountable people who comes to you on countless occasions for help but the least you can do is render assistance to as many as you possibly can darling. Consider it as a great previledge to serve humanity instead of complaining and remember that there's pay day for everything we do! I am not a celebrity but I try to reach out to as many as I possibly can. Do me the honour Annie; stay positive in your giving and be as nice as possible to those who come begging you for money. God bless you and God bless Nigeria!