Nigerian female soldier who brutalised househelp finally speaksA Nigerian female soldier identified as Ozoekwu Esther Onyinye who was accused of brutal abuse of her underage househelp, has given her own side of the story.
She took to her facebook page to respond to the allegations.
She wrote;
“Hello my friends and well wishers, this girl u see here is my neice pls am very sorry for going too far to correct her in this manner, am trying to see how she can be better person. I never meant to maltreat her, i want the best for her.
U can imagine her at this age not being a virgin. She portrays character that makes her peers to always watch her and brings report every now and then about her both at school the teacher will always say “This girl is a problem child.
There things she does that i don’t want to say here, pls insults and curses will not help us with a solution to make her a better person, but ur kind advise. Tank u and GOD bless.”


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