Image result for Watch Video Of Popular Pastor’s Wife Who Allegedly Sent Her N*de Video Into A WhatsApp Group
Remember the story about the nvde video of a Ghanaian Pastor’s wife, Osofo Maame, that was sent into a WhatsApp group by herself accidentally.
Well,GNpost did some research and discovered the incidence actually happened in Bremen, Germany and it was just an honest mistake of a kinky wife who sent sexy video to her husband and as things will go she mistakenly sent it to her church WhatsApp group.
In the first video, you can hear the baby seriously crying in the background while the pastors wife kept on with her sexy show. Though many are saying that why would a woman make sexy video while her baby cried uncontrollably in the background and why will her husband allow her send him videos before attending to their baby.
Click links below to watch the video and let us have your opinion. Should a woman leave a baby in need to satisfy her husband 1st? Who comes first, baby or husband?



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