Bobrisky reacts to his deportation from U.KBobrisky was denied entry to the UK and he was scheduled for deportation afterwards for not having a work permit. His visa doesn’t permit him to work in the U.K, as he is in the country to make money via the event..According to report, he was scheduled to have a meet and greet with fans and celebrities during his stay in the UK.

Besides arriving the country with the aim of attending commercial events despite the prohibition on the visa, Bobrisky was also reported to be in possession of some creams he intended to sell to fans and clients.
He was being held at a detention camp near the Heathrow airport in London.
Well, he’s back in the country and he has reacted to the development. Posting on his Instagram page, Bobrisky wrote: “In any situation you find yourself, always still thank God.”



    --For we shall all be checked and searched, we shall all be tried, all our loads shall be scanned in GOD'S scanning machine
    --All our life style, our attitudes, characters shall be diagnosed at the gate of 'heaven'
    --Heaven is not for the wayward people, perversed generation, GOD'S Kingdom can not accommodate unrepentant backsliders
    --On that day of GOD'S examination, all your transgressions, sins and iniquities shall testify against you
    --Every salvation messages you heard and rejected, the name of the preacher, and time it was preached will testify
    --Every opportunity you have got to repent but you neglected them shall stand against you
    --Every unclean things you have been hiding from the face of men shall all be exposed
    --All your old records, your lies, hypocrisy, the trust you slandered, all your nudity, your backbiting, all your secret sins shall shall come to play
    --All your idle words, your gossips, brawling, your foolish words, your jesting, mockery and unedifying words you have spoken will all manifest on that day
    --All the skimpy things and body revealing apparel you wore in the name of fashion will stand against you
    --The number of people you have led astray, all your fraudulent activities, marauding and things you did at the back of closed doors shall be exposed
    --All your immorality, all the pornography films you have watched, all the porn magazines you have read, all your abortions, your fornication and adultery activities shall testify against you on that day
    》》Friend, this is the time to cry unto GOD for total forgiveness, tell GOD you are guilty with fear and tremble
    ◇◇Call the 'advocate', the 'mediator', the Lord JESUS CHRIST for your complete redemption
    ◇◇That great day minus one day today
    ◇◆The judgement of GOD, the day every sinner, young and old will drink from the cup of the wrath of GOD
    ◇◆The day, the heaven and the earth shall flee from the presence of GOD
    ◇◆The day, the Sea would roar in fear, vomiting all it swallowed
    ◇◆The day, hell and death shall tremble, releasing all they have held down
    ◇◆The day, every sinner will come to reckon, the day of accountability
    ◇◇Is your name written in the book of life?
    ★ Revelation 20:15 And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.
    ◇◇Flee now and escape from this damnation coming upon all ungodliness
    ◇◇Where are living in grace, but must we continue in sin and that grace may abound? GOD forbid!
    ★ Romans 6:1 What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound?
    ◇◇Who knows, the next step might be into eternity?