Catholic priest, one other unhurt after a fatal accident in Bayelsa State (Photos)A ghastly motor accident which occurred yesterday, has left people in awe. According to reports, a Reverend Father and another passenger were in the 4 Runner SUV which crashed along East West road after Odi junction.
The horrific accident caused the engine and the gear box to pull out of the vehicle which was badly damaged but the car occupants came out alive unscathed, according to a report by Facebook user Enisuoh Preye.
The Reverend father and the other passenger were taken to the hospital for checkup to avoid any internal injuries.

Below is what Enisuoh Preye shared on Friday, September 29th.

“This just happened along East West road after Odi junction from Patani. A Rev Father and another brother in the 4 Runner Jeep, engine and Gear Box pulled out of the Vehicle. Both Persons inside are very safe and strong, who say there’s no God. Just join them to thank God for their lives, Almighty God may your name alone be praised and glorified. There’s none who’s like unto thee. Untimely death shall not be our portion in Jesus mighty name, Amen.”


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