“Christians stop selling your souls for useless miracles” – Nigerian man says while attacking pastor who uses snake to perform miraclesA Nigerian man simply identified as Zachary Zachin Chinedu has taken to social media to express his displeasure to pastors who are fond of extorting poor members using fake miracles.
The young man attacked a pastor who was captured using a bronze snake to perform miracles. According to Zachary, this isn’t biblical, and is only a mere way of extorting the poor members.

See his post below;
Many People are very STUPID.
The Bible spoke about this. If Jesus Christ is whom you worship, why would you attend such ministries as this?
I’m not into church bashing or the likes but THIS IS WRONG. Even the Bronze Serpent was later worshipped as Nehushtan and destroyed by one of the Kings (Hezekiah I think).
Christians, read the Bible for yourselves. Stop acting the Fool. Stop selling your souls for useless miracles because of your greedy intentions.
You too can hear from God and perform miracles YOURSELF!!!
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Phot credits: Festus Sheneni


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