"I lost over 19 babies" - New mother narrates ordeal after being blessed with a baby girlA new mother who recently welcomed a baby girl has told of the hardships she passed through while seeking the fruit of the womb.
Sandra Harrison said she was diagnosed with fibroid, tilted fallopian tubes, and hormonal imbalance. Doctors tried all they could but nothing worked. She tried herbalists too but it yielded no result.

Her condition saw her go to different places in search of a cure. She took every herb, drug , and concoction available, yet, nothing happened.
She said she got pregnant multiple times but suffered miscarriages 19 times. To make matters worse, the hormonal drugs were making her put on so much weight and people will constantly comment on her weight and ask her to watch it, unaware that she had no control over it.

Eventually, after 6 years of marriage, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.
Read her story in the screenshots below;


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