Actress Uzoma calls out lady who claimed she had one night stand with Mr. IbuNollywood actress, Pleasant Uzoma has called out the lady who revealed a recent intimacy between herself and veteran actor, John Okafor.
According to the actress, the lady just met Mr Ibu for the first time and the actor was just friendly with everyone.
She also said that the the lady claiming she had sex with Mr Ibu is lying, and came with the driver guy who drove them to an orphanage they visited.

Read her post below;
This is disheartening and Stupid at the same time.. I doubt this girl posted that trash facebook, but if she did,then her village people have used her common sense for dinner a long time ago…
I was there the whole time, We went to an orphanage home with the Bellinda Balima Foundation to see the kids there… This girl just met Mr Ibu for the first time, she has never seen him…he was friendly with everyone who came to his office.. The man runs an open door policy, I don’t understand why someone will want to do this… This girl came with the driver guy who drove us to the orphanage (Ibu was in another vehicle)…
He took pictures with everyone and was at ease… This ingrate was compensated for her time and fed well… Someone help me tell her, this is not the right way… I will not hide the truth. I will not be a party to destroying someone’s hard earned success and marriage… She wants to trend now she has.. She trended with so much dirt… This is a fatal lie….


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