Nigerians have been wondering while Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson deleted husband’s photo from her social media pages, Lol, the reason is here. A Facebook user named Udaji Usman has shared the reasons while the actress’s home is on fire, read what he wrote this link to read..
MERCY JOHNSON MARRIAGE IN SOUP, COURTESY OF YAHAYA BELLO What a shameless gov. we have.he has destroyed Kogi state, and now he has gone ahead to destroy the marriage of MERCY JOHNSON the Nollywood Actress. Information has it that The gov.yahaya Bello is having a secret affair with the Nollywood actress who he appointed as SENIOR SPECIAL ADVISER. The husband got wind next to read the remaining..

he affairs and has led to serious full-scale marital crises with the husband threatening Her with a divorce.This led to mercy Johnson deleting all the photo of her husband on her Instagram page.
Shameless gov.with four wives still involved in adultery, Kogi state money in danger. SALARY YOU HAVE STOLEN. PEOPLE WIFE IS NOW THE TARGET OF YAHAYA BELLO.


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