Image result for See the Bentley Linda Ikeji bought for her son, Jayce Jeremi (Photos+Video)atch the first glimpse of the N120 million Bentley Mulsanne Linda Ikeji bought for her son, Jayce Jeremi.
Linda Ikeji had revealed to us way back before she put to bed that she already ordered a Bentley Mulsanne for Baby J.
Since then, we haven’t had the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the exotic car, but here we have it today.
Earlier today, a clearly excited Sandra Ikeji and Laura Ikeji took to their Instagram pages to share photos of the Bentley Mulsanne their sister, the billionaire blogger got her new born son, Jayce Jeremi.
Sharing the photo below, Sandra wrote;“Bentley mulsanne! Push gift from Linda to Linda, Baby J, you are blessed.
“Hey lil Jayce, your mum @officiallindaikeji promised you a Bentley , now you have it!Congratulations @officiallindaikeji on your 120mili Bentley #Bentleyforbabyj”
Laura Ikeji also posted pictures and videos of the new ride.
She wrote;
“Sold to Linda Ikeji this one heavy sha. Bentley Mulsanne.
“Dear Jayce, ya mom went crazy the day u came into this world, oh boy! ya own don better. Dem born u buy Bentley. Omo mama olowo. . Can’t remember what my parents bought when they had me hehe. Check out Linlin’ s Bentley.


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