Image result for American Lady blasts Nigerian Comedian Funnytoheeb For Using Fowls To Mimic Cardi B’s photoAn American animal rights activist has slammed Nigerian comedian, Funnytoheeb, for taping fowls to recreate an outfit Cardi B wore to a fashion show performance.
According to the lady, it’s animal cruelty. Read her posts below:

“Honestly, reading the comments on this post makes me sick to my stomach. How could ANYONE think that this is funny? Chickens are BEAUTIFUL and SENTIENT animals. We’ve objectified them for so long- to the point where people don’t see a problem with this. If this outrages you, like it did me- please go to @funnytoheeb’s (the guy in the picture) instagram as well as @iamcardib’s page and let them know that this is CRUEL.
@iamcardib and @funnytoheeb think animal cruelty is funny. Check out my last post for reference.
#NotYourEntertainment #AnimalAbuseIsNotFunny #Vegan #GoVegan #AnimalsLivesAreTheirRights #AnimalRights #AnimalLiberation #Veganism #PlantBased #Peta #MercyForAnimals #AnimalAbuse #CardiB #FunnyToheeb”


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