People call him E-Money but his real name given to him after birth is Emeka Okonkwo and it is right to say that his money and fame gave him the name E-Money . We are going to be looking at E-
Money’s full Biography, Net worth 2016 , family, age , mansion , cars and everything that shock be knon about him .
Emeka Okonkwo A.K.A E-Money also known as Arab money is a Nigerian Business Mogul/Boss of Emmy Cargoes Limited who was born on the 18 of Febuary, 1981 and he is one of the few Nigerian men that are not a Nollywood actor , Comedian, Musician but more popular than many Nigerian celebrities due to his wealth and
flamboyant lifestyle .

Many people don’t really known much about
E-Money which is why we are introducing him to the world right
E-Money is the younger borther of Nigerian music star,
Kingsley Okonkwo popularly known as Kcee who is currently
signed under Five Star music owned by E-Money and i know for
sure that most of you didn’t know that E Money owns Five Star
Music record label .
Many has been wondering where and how E Money got his wealth
please don’t bother yourself with that because this brother has
gone through alot but it only took one contract to changed his

Right now he is currently enjoying that flamboyant and
extravagant lifestyle which makes people talk about him
everywhere .
Back in the days , E-Money got nothing and there was no money in
the back , he disclosed sometime ago that even when he did his
traditional wedding he had nothing but he needed to struggled and
manged to do his traditional marriage, but the whole story
changed on his way back from his traditional marriage. While he
was on his way back with his wife from their traditional marriage,
someone placed a phone call to him that he has been awarded a
contract worth 2 million dollars and that was the big drama
happened before his life changed .

While narrating his success story in a recent chat with Punch , this
was what he said about how his life change from nothing to
something ;
“We were on our way to Lagos when I received a phone call
informing me that I had been awarded a $2m contract and that is
how our lives changed forever.”
He also opened up about the reason he married his beautiful wife
,Juliet, this is what he revealed about that ;
I Have a Lot of Money
Money for My Car
“When we met, I was a young man who was struggling to make
ends meet and she was equally very young. She was in her
sophomore year at the university. Because she was my first
girlfriend and the first woman I ever loved, I remained faithful to
her.I was looking for a God-fearing lady who wasn’t excessively
concerned with material possessions and who I could plan a future
with. Fortunately, I found those qualities in her.
Even though I lived in Ajegunle, with my brothers at that time, she
visited me on several occasions. I remember that on one of those
occasions, she fell into a gutter in a flooded street,” .


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