Hair dresser seen trying to pullout the hair she made for a slay queen who refused to pay up in Edo StateIt was a bright day in Ekpoma, Edo State until a hairdresser made hair for a young woman who refused to pay.
The young woman, dubbed a ‘slay queen’ across the internet in the now viral video, is seen dressed in an orange gown, with a grey sweater tied around her waist, while the supposed hairdresser was dressed in a charcoal grey sweatpants, stripped on the side with black lines and a red crop top, that revealed her black underwear.

She seemed so determined to pull the braided hair she had made for the ‘slay queen’ who was basically trying to stop her from pulling the hair straight from her scalp — which could be dangerous for her scalp, it could bleed, that it felt like her anger was one she had bottled in for a while.
The matter ensued on a tarred road, in Ekpoma, Edo State and okada can be seen parading the road as the round street fight ensued.
It was truly an ugly sight that sought to reinforce why you should not mess with the average Edo person.
Watch the video below;


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