A Nigerian Twitter user has taken to social media to share the story of a yogurt seller who was left in tears after getting the surprise of his life.
The yoghurt seller has been in the business for about 30 years in Kaduna and has become popular in the area, however things quickly turned around for him when a customer of his, who used to buy yoghurt from him when he was young, gifted him the sum of ₦3 million.
The man shared photos of the beautiful moment.
The yoghurt vendor is said to be a very generous person as he gives children yoghurt for free when they couldn’t afford it, and now he’s reaping the fruits of his good deed.

The Twitter user, President Okonkwo who shared the story wrote: “He sold yogurt for 30 years in Kaduna and was always nice to young children and gave them free yogurt when they had no money.
“His good deeds came back haunting him when one of his child customers, now grown, surprised him with a 3 million Naira Cheque as appreciation.” 


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