Image result for Nollywood Actress Iyabo Ojo Finally Reveals How She Got Money For Her 200 Million Naira Amala Spot…Nollywood actress Iyabo oOjo who recently launched her Abula spot in Lekki has revealed to her fans how she was able to raise the 200 million naira capital for the project.
Speculations had been flying that Iyabo borrowed money to start the franchise.She disclosed that she had to sell some of her land properties and even her gold jewellries just for her dream to come true.She said
“I did not collect a loan to open my business, I saved. I had been planning to open this place for a very long time, so I had been saving. When I wanted to get my new office building, I sold some of my property. I sold almost all my gold if not everything.

During that time, I sold one batch and when I needed more money, I sold the rest. I told myself to forget about gold for now because I know that I can make the money back later. With the support of good people as well, I was able to get my office building.

The first lady of Kwara State who came to inaugurate the building supported me. Some of my godparents also supported me because I told them that I wanted to sell amala,”
Talking about the time the franchise would cost her in the movie world,Iyabo boasted that she had it all figured out.“I can never quit my career for anything. I am a very organised person. When you are organised, you plan ahead.
My life is planned and that has helped me a lot.Ojo who jokingly said that people now refer to her as ‘Iya alamala’ (amala seller) said that she is not ashamed to sell food some people perceive to be local.“I am a local chic. I made a name for myself by acting in my local dialect which is the Yoruba language and in our culture, amala is the in-thing.
I am proud to be selling amala because that is my culture. A Chinese man cannot be ashamed of owning a Chinese restaurant. What I did was that I brought something perceived to be local to the Island and I made it look posh. When something is local, it does not mean that it is dirty.
People really long to eat amala and I am not ashamed to be selling it.I opened the Abula Spot because I noticed that on the Island, they do not really have anywhere you could go to get the local dish unlike the way we do on the mainland.