Without doubt,currently the most successful Yoruba actor,Odunlade Adekola is in a world of his own.The super talented actor who has been in the industry for than 15 years and starred in some English movies,the father of four talks about the recent speculations about him using diabolic means to get fame.
When he was asked what he had to say about the rumours that he used fetish means to rise to stardom,Odunlade said,the only reason people are saying things of that nature is because he is famous.In his words,\’Yes I have reacted to it.
I am a Christian. I was born in a Christian family. I grew up in a Christian home. As far as I am concerned, if you are in one level in this country and people have not said this thing about you it means you have not gotten high enough. If you are a celebrity and are bordered about what people write about you it means you still need to pray very well for Baba God to take you higher. We are still praying.
People have said Pastors use jazz. So, why would they not say the same thing about me? I am a Christian and I am still in Christ.\’


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