Simi had the time for a “troll” today, after the latter called her out over an outfit she wore for a photo-shoot. She said the outfit looks more or less like a table cloth/school uniform.
The fan wrote; “Simi, this has to stop! You look beautiful but who are this yeye stylists that work with you ehn, what kind of table cloth fabric is this skirt o! @sirdonald_ remember when I was saying it that day in the car.
Please fire all of them and get new people, e.g. @tiannahplacempire. As a true fan. Please, you are too talented, beautiful, smart and successful.#
…and of course, simi responded to the “said fan”: “I don’t like your hair, but you don’t see me complaining about it love. P.S. You is not a true fan”.
Not backing down, the “fan” stood by her words, and tried convincing Simi that she is indeed a true fan of her works:
“I am a true fan!! It’s the bitter truth. Your stylists can do soooooo much better with your amazing figure! I am telling feedback from the streets. Those around you many not be honest. Thank you for not liking my hair but I am not an award winning musician am I? Take my observation with grace dear.”


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