A 15-year-old boy who raped a 4-year-old girl, Jennifer Iteze, has been freed as the family of the r*pe victim who couldn’t pay the sum of N4,000, which according to Family Law Centre, Abakaliki was to be used for opening the case file.
The r*pe case of the 4-year-old girl was brought to Ebonyi State’s Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development. The Ministry’s Head of Department, Child Development, Godwin Igwe, revealed that Iteze was brought to his office, by the father alongside a consultant physician from the Federal Teaching Hospital, Abakaliki, who confirmed the rape upon some medical examinations.
Jennifer’s father alleged that the r*pe act was perpetrated by one Ernest, the son of one of his co-tenants. According to him, Ernest undertook to look after the little girl and her two other siblings while he and their mother left for their different places of work, but on return, they discovered that their daughter was having pains while urinating.

It was gathered that upon inquiry, parents of the little girl were told by their daughter how Ernest came into their house while she was with her siblings and inserted his genital into her own. However following the inability of the family to pay N4,000 for a case file, the 15-year-old boy has been freed.
Iteze, who is a staff of the National Obstetric Fistula Centre, Federal Teaching Hospital, Abakaliki, has however called on the appropriate authorities to assist his family in bringing the culprit to justice, so as to serve as deterrent to others.


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