Daddy Freeze has reacted to the viral video of actress/Evangelst Patience Ozokwor saying a born again Christian is not ready to serve God if he or she has not changed their wardrobe.
Reacting to her post via his IG page, Freeze wrote:
”Wow, this used to be my favorite actress….. We have all been schooled in error, Christianity does not dictate a dress code, modesty in all things is advised, but this right here is someone’s personal philosophy, NOT Christ’s!
This is just sad
Yes the church should be separate from the world. But the world is not fashion or music, it’s money power and religion.
When Yeshua said the world hated him, who was he talking about? Fashion designers? Of course not, it was religious people using the name of God who hated him.
? John 15:18 ?

New Living Translation
“If the world hates you, remember that it hated me first.
If you want to drive the world out of the church, start with the GOs.” He said.
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  1. self made pastors always preach nonsense, thank you mr freezer for directing her, is not what you wear or how you look makes you spiritual but what you teach by your behaviours, no man was born with clothings and juwelries, all is vanity, spirituality comes from God to those who wish and thirst for it, not even from being religious, religion is like school to grow your mind.

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