We were all surprised when starboy, Wizkid and Davido featured themselves in their concert last year, in fact, it was a stunt that left many fans overtly happy thinking that the two stars who are undeniable the most sought after artistes in the whole of Africa, were friends again (if they ever were before).
Well, according to a source, a close one at that, it has been revealed that the two stars pulled a stunt on fans and Nigerians in general. It was astunt for ticket sales, Indeed, their stunt garnered crowd for their concert and it worked out just as they planned, especially for OBO’s 30Billion concert.
Though they tried to mend fences at the beginning of this year, after their concerts, things fell apart and they were back to square 0 (if there’s anything like that).
The source reveals that, there’s been increasing hate between both parties, and it is quite evident as both have tried so much to ignore themselves in all aspects. And this brewing beef may be linked to Sony Entertainment Deal which both artistes clinched.
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According to the “people in the know“, though Wizkid was signed to Sony Entertainment after Davido, it is alleged that Wizkid wasn’t pleased with what he ispaid compared to Davido, and wanted a review of his structure with Sony. This irked Davido, leading to a somewhat decline in the likelihood of them mending fences as fans hoped for.
Another factor that is said to have triggered the beef between both stars is, Wizkid and Tiwa’s sudden love/friendship. Though this hasn’t been elaborated on, the source said, there’s bad blood between Davido and Tiwa too, and Wizkid being affiliated to her, has resulted in a shift of camp.

It’s quite clear that Davido and Wizkid aren’t as close as we thought they were after their concert, in fact, through out this year, OBO has avoided Wizzy like a plague and the starboy has returned the favour.
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All through Wizkid’s numerous breaks and achievements this year, not once did Davido take to Social Media to congratulate him, and we all know the kind of person Davido is. If he is in good terms with you or loves you, he shows it out publicly regardless of the fact that you are not signed to his DMW.


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