Popular Yoruba Nollywood actress, Lizzy Anjorin took to her IG page to reveal why she converted to Islam. Read below;
My journey into ISLAM…
On the 8th of January 2012. I called my uncle, Baba Lanre…please, come and help me give my mum her food stuffs, drugs and monthly allowance. There will be strike tomorrow. My uncle left. At exactly 12:30 pm that same day, Baba Lanre called. “Solape, Eganmidogo. Mama ti ku oo”.
I laughed and end the call. He called back again. “Didn’t you hear what I said? Mama ti ku. Infact she had fish in her hand and her mouth. Then I realised what has hit me, I picked my car key and rushed down to where she was. That was the day I realised that if any child decide to be a bad child you will face your shame alone..because where you are suppose to spend money ti o ba ri owo yo that shame can ruin you ….hmmm. But meanwhile, two days before that day. My able Speaker of Lagos State Hon. Mudashir Obasa was an Honourable Member before he became the Speaker. I use to drop any of my goods in his office. I don’t know if he took out of the goods or not…kokanmi. I know Egbon will pay for the goods. Once I spoil my mouth and say Egbon Mi, patronise me don’t let me be jobless. He will just say oya drop it ..atimes I will drop over size palm slippers ..he will say Lizzy this slippers is to big ….I will say Egbon Mi, please give it to your Ward members ??. Hon. called me that faithful Friday. He said, “Lizzy where are you? Come and collect your money.
There will be strike on Monday or do you have any money that will sustain you during the strike”? I shouted … rara sir o, I am behind your office sir. I spent the whole day hustling up and down somewhere in Ogun State to sell my WosiWosi. He called around 11am in the morning . This Egbon waited in his office till 6:30pm. He paid me my money and also gave megave 10k extra. I knelt down and prayed for him and left. It was part of that money I sent to Mama as part of her monthly allowance. So, when they called me that Mama is no more. I rush to were I kept the remaining money and some little change I kept under the bed and pillow, packed everything and rushed down to where she was. On getting there, I met Mama sleeping all by herself. Her whole body has changed.

I called her several times, Mama did not answer. I saw some notes under her pillow. My mother has been taking notes of all the things I’ve been sending to her and how I’ve been taking care of her since when I was young up till that very day. She wrote something at the end of one the notes. “Anytime she die, nobody should take her to the Mortuary.” @ iya enny we both saw the note abi and I could remember right from when I was a teenager, my mother used to tell me that she does not want her dead body to be taking to the Mortuary when she dies. She doesn’t like the Mortuary atall. When I remembered and I realised that strike is starting the next day, Walahi I was cold and scared.
I immediately stood up and said…..please, is there any nurse to inject Mama? Their response was that, all the nurses have all gone home due to the strike that is going to hold tomorrow. Is there any Mortuary around this area? Ahhh, ani gbogbo won ti losi ile won. Then I realised that baba nla set up le leyi o…..She meant what she said that she doesn’t like Mortuary. I stood up and said to everybody. I will bury my mother tonight. Some people were murmuring. Where is the money? How? Of course, my mother was born into a Muslim family but we sleep in church several times during the struggles so we are automatically Christians. While on the sick bed, she still attend Church Service.
So, please call me Mama Pastor. They called almost 10 Pastors, once they look at Mama’s face. She is not our member. I was mad at everything and it almost turned into riot. someone confronted one of the Pastor. “..#OlnyIfTheDeadCanbeGiving2ndChance #TakecareofyourparentIfyouHaveOne


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  2. Bt you also have to notd that you are not in a reliorel because of the religious leaders because not all of them are actactua from God, make you belief a personal conviction. Not all that call the name of the lord are trtr servants of God

  3. Choice is free, you made a choice according to your understanding about what you belief. Pastor's attitudes will not guarantee your eternity. Each one will account for him/herself.
    Excuses will not vindicate anyone.

  4. Look at you, you drop Jesus for Muhammad, you're totally lost

  5. I've made the best choice my sis,without Allah,no Paradise.

  6. Firstly no one is automatically a christian,it is only those that have confessed Jesus as their Lord that then become Christians. Sleeping in church or being born into a christian home doesn't make you a christian. Since you've decided to follow a created being that was created by Jesus himself no problem, even him wasn't sure of where he was going. You've decided to choose death and not life,that's the same thing Adam and Eve did they chose death.Be wise please and choose life so that he who is the LIFE will give life to every thing that concerns you.JESUS DIED FOR YOUR SINS DON'T LET THE DEVIL MAKE YOU EXPERIENCE THE DEATH THAT JESUS ALREADY DIED FOR YOU.GOD LOVES YOU DEARLY!!!!!!!