A Facebook user identified as Mitchell Udezueh has taken to his Facebook profile to share a heartbreaking moment he had with an orphan selling Pure Water at night.
According to the 12-year-old boy who lives with his aunt, he only eats once in a day and that is only in the morning before he goes to school. And anytime he returns from school, his duty is to sell for his aunt, mostly at night.

the story as shared by Mitchell below:
Contributed by uzoegwu louis
He couldn’t hold his tears.
Who would blame him, – For he’s just a boy of about 12 years old.
I have seen him before at this mini-mart, where I sometimes chill briefly in the evening before I headed home.
The first time I saw him, he came to buy a bag and half of sachet water he hawks through the evening.
And shortly after he left for the first sales, he came back to purchase another bag and half after he must had finished the first set of hawking.
I paid no attention to him at first, maybe because he wasn’t the only child coming back and forth to buy a bag of sachet water to hawk.
It was just yesterday, still in the same mini-mart,that the same boy came to buy another set of sachet water as usual.
He bought the first set and left to hawk.
I paid no attention still.
After about thirty to Forty minutes later or thereabout, he came back once more to buy another set.
By then, I was already prepared to take my leave, and simultaneously, the mini-mart keeper (my friend) had already begun to shut down for the day, and If I’d recall succinctly, the time was barely 10 minutes to eight (7:50 pm).
This time, I was alarmed when I saw him back for more.
I pondered within myself,
– how can this boy still be outside at this time of the night, and having returned to buy more, I envisioned that before he sells out, the time will elapse pass Eight or to Nine.
I continued to reflect.
I told my friend, the mini-mart keeper, – ” I don’t think any living parent will allow their ward outside, at this time, in a cold weather, to come and be hawking ‘pure water’ at a busy Junction every evening.”
Instantaneously, I called the boy inside the mini-mart for some find outs.
“How are you? “.
– I asked.
” I am fine ”
– he muttered.
” What’s your name?”
He mentioned a name I didn’t grasp at first.
” Nna, What’s your name?”
– I repeated.
” Emma ” – he said.
” Do you go to school? “.
” Yes. “
” What’s the name of your school?”
He mentioned a certain old public school, kilometers away.
“Have you eaten today?”
– I continued.
” Nna, have you eaten today? “
– I asked again.
” What do you eat? “
” Plantain “.
” What else? “.
” What and what did you eat today?”
– I asked once more.
“Plantain “.
” Only plantain? “
” Yes “
” When? “
” Before school “.
” Since then?….. So you mean you haven’t eaten anything else since you had the plantain in the morning? “


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