Image result for Keke Driver Advises Women To Stop Turning Them DownA Keke driver has questioned why women reject their advances and went on to reveal that some of them are university graduates who make more money than the men in the corporate world.

According to Kelly Murphy, keke drivers like himself make 7,000 naira daily, 210,000 monthly, which he says is more than what some of their boyfriends who work in companies make.
He further pleaded to females to stop seeing them as touts and accept their advances.

Kelly Murphy wrote:
“Why do you girls runaway from us because we drive KEKE, you girls normally see we KEKE drivers as Tout and illetrates, that we don’t have dreams apart from driving KEKE, don’t you girls know that some of we KEKE drivers are graduates with better grades, please my dear ladies, stop running away from us, driving KEKE is not a bad job, we gain more than 7,000 Naira a day, check it to a month, some of your boyfriends who work in some company or whatever can’t withstand us in terms of spending!!!!! STOP SEEING US AS TOUTS PLEASE ACCEPT US ,IF WE ASK FOR RELATIONSHIP NAWAOOOO!!!!!!”


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