Nigerian yahoo boys have been in the news lately.. from the guy who r*pes his mother, to the one who slept with a corpse, it’s been an acid bath of bad news.
Yahoo boys were also amongst the suspects in the Elozino Joshualia Ogege case and they have confessed to their sadistic acts.
According to a Facebook post by one Okan Goodwill, a reported unidentified yahoo boy went mad yesterday. Novemer 29th in Benin City, Edo State after allegedly using his father for money rituals.

Makawai reports that the alleged ritualist bought his father a Lexus Jeep which he drove for two weeks before he died from unspecified circumstances and he was reportedly seen spending lavishly at his father’s burial just before going mad.
In the video posted ton Facebook, the alleged yahoo boy can be heard repeatedly calling ‘Daddy, Daddy, Daddy’.
In the post accompanying a video of the now mad yahoo boy, Okan Goodwill wrote on his Facebook page; “Happening now live at Agbior park Ohovbe junction Benin City. Yahoo boy bought a car for his father after two weeks his father died.
“Here running mad n confessing people he has killed. Please, ladies be careful.”
People can also be heard in the background warning young men desperate for fast wealth to desist from such acts.
Watch the video below:


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