'You Are A Disgrace To Nigeria' - Obanla Elizabeth Blast Aremu Afolayan For Insulting Buhari And Ambode
This weekend, Nollywood actor Aremu Afolayan attacked President Buhari and Governor Ambode over the terrible state of the Nigerian Aviation sector. This came after he had an unpleasant experience at the airport in Lagos and he took to social media to vent his anger.
Reacting to him, Nigerian socialite Elizabeth Obanla in a One Hour Facebook live video dragged the heck out of the actor calling him a ‘disgrace and total idiot for insulting a sitting president and the governor of his state’.
She went on to ask him, ‘who are you to come out to insult your leaders because you had issues at the airport’?
Watch her video below…


  1. Dear mama let's be real every Nigerian have a right to what is ours.. In Nigeria when you speak the truth people like you come out to defend what is wrong, let the youths of Nigeria have a say. It's only in Nigeria you use elderly status to deprive us of our rights.. if the guy was your biological son would you say the same ??? Let the youths have a voice. Elders can't be right all the time .. No disrespect Ma.. Some government workers dey do pass their self ... If we no talk no be say we Mumu oo na because say the same respect whey dey cos nonsense na him we dey follow. But enough is enough !!!

  2. in a state of mind which prevents normal perception, behavior, or social interaction; seriously mentally ill.
    "she had gone insane"

  3. some elders of now a days will allow youth to perform their duty that is you mama Elizabeth or what his your name self the guy is throughly right you are calling alls dis people our elders and they looting our money away is dis buhari reedem favour Nigeria people are dying of hunger no food the money they collected are no why to be found madam pls just stay on your own let the youth have say in this country the elder are the one spoiling this country since all this while....let the youth have say madam Elizabeth