Image result for Young Popular Facebook slay queen, Kim dies one week after she was involved in an accident.A popular Facebook ‘slay queen’ identified as Hikma Hussein, also known as Kim Red, passed away after she was involved in a car accident about a week ago.
Kim Red is well known on a Facebook page, Inna Real Life, and she’s been eulogized by some of her social media friends.
Taking to her personal Facebook profile, some of her internet friends took to the platform to pay tribute.

A friend of the Hikma, took to Facebook and wrote, “Awwww you maybe the reason my day went bad may Allah keep you and forgive you all your sins. Rest in perfect peace Hikma Hussein”.
Another friend, Aweni Assansure Lms, mourned the lady with these words, “Oooh Just wake up to hear that my sister is gone ooh god why so soon Hikma Hussein only Allah no the best. RIP.” Queen Obroni also wrote, “Hikma Hussein why I can’t believe this,we talked last week and later I heard you pass away .May your soul Rest In Peace.”
Hikma Hussein
Neila Matan King Reiziger wrote, “Finally Hikma Hussein had been buried hmmmm Rest well girlfriend Allah give you d mouth to answer your questions dear May Aljantul firdaws be your final destination. Farewell. It’s now you and your deeds. Allah have mercy upon you ND may your sins be forgiven.”
Hikma Hussein


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