Image result for Former Miss Nigeria, Ezinne Akudo defines 'feminism' after Annie Idibia says she isn't oneFollowing a recent declaration by sensational Nollywood actress, Annie Idibia, that she doesn’t believe in ‘feminism’ as she doesn’t consider herself to be one, former Miss Nigeria, Ezinne Akudo has opined on ‘feminism’.

In a lengthy post on her Instagram page, Ezinne gives her definition of the controversial term which has become the movement of so many women in this century, with the likes of Nigerian novelist, Chimamanda Adichie, singer, Beyonce Knowles and others propagating the movement with their influence.

Ezinne – just days after Annie Idibia said she’s not a feminist – wrote,
For the record, each time you say you’re not a feminist, this is what you’re saying:
1. You do not believe that men and women should have equal access to rights and opportunities.
2. You support child marriage, female genital mutilation and the re-victimisation of rape victims.
3. You are comfortable with earning less than your male colleagues for doing the same work.
4. You believe boys should have better access to education because girls belong in the other room.
5. You are comfortable with being asked to choose between your work and pregnancy or being refused employment because you are pregnant.
6. You are sexist and a patron of patriarchy.
If anything above offends you, then I hate to be a bearer of bad news but you are a feminist. (At least until the word evolves to equalist, or humanist or something)
You might refuse to label yourself a feminist because you are scared of being disliked or perceived as angry or maybe you just don’t understand the movement at all but,
FEMINISM is simply the belief that men and women should have equal access to rights and opportunities. It is the freedom of choice, a choice to live and become whoever you choose to be! Marriage is such very tiny aspect of this entire conversation, but somehow, every time the subject of feminism comes up, that is all we seem to think about. Plus just when we think we are moving forward, we wake up to debates about whether or not women should address themselves as kings or queens(personal choice really). We have far greater issues as evidenced by the inexhaustive list above, can we please refrain from arguing on this level?
Yes, yes we have our culture and we know that these ‘anti feminist’ beliefs are based on traditions but maybe it’s time to sit down and ask ourselves if these beliefs are still valid, given the evolution of civilisation.
But pray tell, What does feminism mean to you honestly?


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