Image result for Davido savagely replies to a photo of Peter Okoye on InstagramEveryone knows the Nigerian singer to be blunt and straightforward in his ways and his uttering – he says what comes to his mind as it is without mincing words – Davido tends to be savage everyone once in a while.
It was just another regular day on the gram as celebrity users took to their respective pages to share cool photos of themselves to update their fans on what’s new with them… Peter Okoye was one of this celebs as he took to his page to share a captionless photo.

Looking as cool as could possibly be, the singer cum dancer put up a casual look as he donned a denim jean shirt, a grey pants and red sneakers and posed for the camera while holding the door of his luxurious whip, looking like he’s about to step out.
Judging from the photo, one would easily think that the singer was heading out to somewhere but it seems as though Davido thought otherwise as he feels the singer only got all dressed up just to pose for the gram.
Taking to the comment section, Davido, so certain of his stance, said he could swear that Mr P isn’t going out. He wrote,
I can swear your not goin anywhere


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