A teenager, Idrisu Muhammadu has allegedly killed his older girlfriend, Fatima Isah who doubles his age, after she abandoned him and dated his brother.
The suspect, Idrisu, killed his Older lover, Fatima Isah at Evutagi village in Katcha Local Government Area of Niger State after the late Fatima,32, told Idrisu that he was too young for her to marry, and instead started dating his elder brother.
According to The Nation, Idrisu confessed that he had been struggling with his elder brother over who should marry Fatima, before killing her.
He explained that he was driven by jealousy to kill Fatima with a matchete, during which his elder brother who was with the deceased at the time of the attack fled ran for his dear life.
Idrisu said:
“I have told my elder brother to leave her (Fatima) for me, because I have made marriage proposal to her. But my brother would not listen to me and he kept on seeing her.On the day of the incident, I saw them (his elder brother and Fatima) together and I lost my temper and killed her.

“Look at what it has resulted to, I am now a murderer, I am going to spend all my life in jail at the age of 16, it is unfortunate. If I had known, I would have allowed Fatima to be, after all marriage is not by force.If care is not taken, I am going to be executed and I will rot in hell for trying (to forcibly) take what is not meant to be mine,” he lamented.
Contacted, the police spokesman, Mohammad Abubakar, confirmed the incident, noting that the suspect had confessed to killing the late Fatima.
‘’The suspect’s threat to Fatima to stop seeing his brother or be killed had been going on for three years, sadly, no one took him serious. Now, this is the result,’’ Abubakar added.
He said the suspect would be arraigned in court after the completion of investigation.


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