'I need an apology from Davido for sexually harassing me' - Kemi OlunloyoControversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has stated that she deserves an apology from singer Davido whom she claims sexually assaulted her.She made this know after a fan asked to know why she’s always attacking the singer on social media
The fan asked:
“Mama what do u want…..maybe i can inform @iam_Davido to give u…. Cuz me i don’t understand u again.”
Kemi Olunloyo replied saying:
“An apology for sexually harassing me on Twitter. I was the one wiping his tears off at Vero’s funeral after she died of a drug overdose on Deji’s 40th birthday #BabaOlowo a tragedy we all witnessed. Very ungreatful child. He was almost 11yo that year #HNNKemi”.


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