A Nigerian medical doctor identified as Dr Olufunmilayo, took out time from his busy schedule to educate men who boast that the size of their male member can shift a woman’s womb.
Dr Olufunmilayo wrote:

During labour/delivery, When a woman’s cer vix (the gate of the womb) is fully opened at 10cm, to allow a baby to come out, this is what it looks like. But men like to fool themselves and assume they can “shift your wo mb”. Yet 95% of penis width is under 5cm. Beautiful delusion.

He added:
But it takes 9months for the body to prepare for this” Exactly. Now think about it. If it takes 9months to prepare for a delivery of a whole baby, an act that doesn’t even “shift the wo mb”, is it your 3cm width penis that will make a difference? Lmao. Pls get the fv ck.


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