People call him E-Money but his real name given to him after birth is Emeka Okonkwo and it is right to say that his money and fame gave him the name E-Money . We are going to be looking at E-
Money’s full Biography, Net worth 2016 , family, age , mansion , cars and everything that shock be knon about him
Emeka Okonkwo A.K.A E-Money also known as Arab money is a Nigerian Business Mogul/Boss of Emmy Cargoes Limited who was born on the 18 of Febuary, 1981 and he is one of the few Nigerian men that are not a Nollywood actor , Comedian, Musician but more popular than many Nigerian celebrities due to his wealth and
flamboyant lifestyle .

Many people don’t really known much about

E-Money which is why we are introducing him to the world right
E-Money is the younger borther of Nigerian music star,
Kingsley Okonkwo popularly known as Kcee who is currently
signed under Five Star music owned by E-Money and i know for
sure that most of you didn’t know that E Money owns Five Star
Music record label .
Many has been wondering where and how E Money got his wealth
please don’t bother yourself with that because this brother has
gone through alot but it only took one contract to changed his


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