Image result for Photos Of Nigerian Lady Killed By Italian Man Over Poor Sex Performance.
The identity of the Nigerian lady who was killed in Italy over s ex performance, has been revealed.
The deceased identified as Blessing Benedicta Daniels but popularly known as Anita, a Nigerian se x worker in Italy, was murdered Leopoldo Scalici, 40, for failing to sat isfy him.

According to Italian website, Modena Today, Scalici approached Benedicta on the streets of Modena Nord for se x over the weekend. He loaded her on board the van on which he was travelling to reach a secluded place where they were believed to have had s ex.

Benedicta was reportedly killed after the duo had had se xual inter course and an argument had broken out, which led to Scalici hitting the Nigerian prostitute with a heavy object on the face and head.

It was however speculated that Scalici hit Benedicta because he wasn’t sa tisfied se xually.
Italian police have detained Scalici, after he voluntarily confessed to the crime.

An autopsy has been scheduled.


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