Yesterday, we reported that  EFCC officials arrested a popular Yahoo Boy, Akpojivi Onoriode following two seperate raids carried out in the early hours of Saturday, May 4, 2019 and Sunday, May 5, 2019.
However, the news was particular about his arrest, confessions and scam tactics. Not many knows much about the notorious Fraudster who was dabbing into some legitimate business with proceeds from his ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ operations before his arrest.
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Akpojivi, who goes by a number of sobriquets, including ‘Onos B’, ‘Mr. Blinks’, and ‘Mr. White’, because of his love for white cars, clothes, houses, etc, was described as one of the ‘most highly connected operators’ in the Niger Delta region.
According to him, he’s a shareholder of Eleme Petrochemical Company. Not only that, he also claims that he’s the chief executive officer of some other companies, and a shareholder of ERPC, Port Harcourt.

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Lavish spending was a norm to Onos B. To celebrate his engagement to his then girlfriend (now wife) in December 2014, he bought her a white Toyota Rav4 SUV.

Last year, to commemorate the engagement, he bought his wife a N20million Mercedes Benz GLE and flaunted it on his Instagram page.

He also bought a Toyota Corolla for his mother to celebrate her birthday .



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