17 years old girl, according to reports by her friends, had been experimenting with drugs before the day of the incident, but this time, it took a serious toll on her.

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While narrating the incident in the video, her friend, aged 15 mentioned that they went to the National Stadium in Abuja to probably swim, judging by the swimwear they had on at the time of making the video.

She said her older friend has experimented with drugs before at her home during her brother’s birthday. She claimed the girl took “small drop” on that day.
The girl said she and her older friend and some others were hanging out. She then decided to buy Coke, which they refused to take it and she wasn’t aware they had gone their way to purchase the hard drugs, her friend reacted to.
Immediately after taking the drug, she lost control of herself and could be seen rolling on the fun, while mumbling incoherent words.

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