The pastor in charge of Common Wealth of Zion Assembly, Biodun Fatoyinbo has reacted to reports that he r*ped Busola Dakolo, wife of Nigerian musician, Timi Dakolo.
In a statement he released online, the pastor denied ever raping the woman.

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“I have NEVER R*PED before, not even as an unbeliever!” the man of God summarized.
Read the statement below:

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  1. Hmmmmmm... But I can't help but wonder why this kind of allegations is coming to u and ur ministry Sir. Why u? It could have been any other but you.
    At least u didn't deny having anything to do with her family around that time, it only means that there's an element of truth in what she said. We didn't expect that you'd own up like that. The likes of you don't confess especially when a lot is at stake. We really do hope anyway that God will expose that which you're desperately trying to cover up and that justice will be duly served

  2. ”He Smacked My B.utt, Pulled Me Out Of The Passenger Seat, Moved Me To The Bonnet For Easy Access.
    Without struggle? No shouting? Nobody happen to be around? Was it inside de bush? He drove straight without the lady shouting 4 help or making calls.. How possible Is it? Oga madam to raped a gal is hard to more of pulling out of car Nd trying easy access. Make Una find beta story. At least I can give u 1 if u ask

    1. I agree with you, how can she claim rape when she didn't even struggle with the man in question, I think they both have mutual affection before any of this nonsense occurs because she can't tell us that the man tied her up

  3. I stand with you at this trial time in prayer, may God vindicate judgement on anyone one trying to bring down His work. Stay strong sir, victory will be ours at last.

  4. Only God Can Judge like 2pac said. But for me beware women ooo bcos are they the real devil.

  5. Under normal circumstances it would be better for church leaders to suspend the pastor temporarily to allow for a better enquiry in to the matter before going to court.

  6. There are many adversaries, Let God be God.

  7. And for those of you protesting, what do you know that is the Actual truth,Reason before you take any dramatic action or steps