Eminence Samuel Uche, the Prelate of the Methodist church in Nigeria, , has said that there might be no truth in the r*pe allegations levelled against senior pastor of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, Biodun Fatoyinbo, by Busola Dakolo.
The prelated shared his opinion on the r*pe allegation in a recent interview with media personality, Prisca Chiemeka.

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Some accusations are foolish. For me, from my way of analysing things, there is no truth in such a thing. You say somebody r*ped you were 26 years or so and after 16 years years you come and report. What is wrong. Maybe you demanded money or you wanted some payment and the person did not give you, then you decide to blackmail the person.
Why do you punish somebody for a sin committed 16 years ago. Our lord Jesus Christ says any sinner that believes is forgiven. He said repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand. How do you go and tarnish the image of a man or woman who commited something from years ago. Is it relevant?
Watch a clip from the interview below;

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  1. Please oh I want to ask this so called pastor Fatoyinbo does he not have a wife and again why is he not replying to this allegations

    1. If you have sence at all you wont ask such question because talking about the rape issue it was even before he became a pastor thats if the rubish alligation is true and if the pastor is innocent there is no need replying to the alligation because God is the only one that knows the truth and will jugde the lier. She and her husbands are theives they just need money

  2. There is no truth in this allegation against this man of God if really the man of God did it back then did she told her parents back then if yes let them comes out and tell the public all this allegation has been happening ever since in this country at the end the truth will comes out that man of God is Innocent bisola and her husband who do this said in the past that she is a vengin how comes vengin comes raped girl she and her husband that is doing this should that they destroying their tomorrow and the future of their children because God said touch not mine anointed and do mine prophets no harm and will Christians we should wise enough to handle this kind issue because we have seen them many the reason why we easily believe all this kind allegations because we are not connected with God

  3. The allegations may be true but my question is, why wait for 16 years before reporting it? If the accuser is a Christian she should know that the accused may have genuinely repented given the time gap. We all at a time did one evil or another before we repented